F-S Electronics 15W RangeStud Long Range FM Transmitter - Duel Mode 3 or 15 W - Fail-Safe FS CZE-05A

Model# CZE-15A

Starting At $269.99

What's In The Box?
Gold Bundle Deal :
  • 15 W RangeStud FM Transmitter
  • RangeMax 1.0 Professional Grade Antenna
  • 25′ Amateur N-Type 50 Ohm Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
Platnium Bundle Deal :
  • 15 W RangeStud FM Transmitter
  • RangeMax 1.0 Professional Grade Antenna
  • 25′ Broadcaster Grade 50 Ohm N-Type Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
Ultra Platnium Bundle Deal :
  • 15 W RangeStud FM Transmitter
  • RangeMax 2.0 Professional Grade Antenna
  • 25′ Broadcaster Grade 50 Ohm N-Type Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
Transmitter Only :
  • 15 W RangeStud FM Transmitter
  • (Does not come with Antenna or Cable)

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The RangeStud 15 W FM Dual Mode FM Transmitter (FS CZE-15A), is perfect for wireless broadcasting music, audio, or voice throughout the entire FM radio band to any FM receivers in its path. DAGCO’s RangeStud, adjustable between High or Low Modes (H=15 Watts or L=3 Watts), is perfect for effortlessly accomplishing your mission of not only extreme amateur radio entusiasts wanting to utilize its full 15 W of power modulation, but now also permits users to adjust the power output to short range applications that require a little less power, but still a solid transmitter! Obviously, the RangeStud’s 15 Watts of power is in extreme excess of DAGCO’s main goal of wireless whole house music, but we wanted to offer a product that permits both small-scale amateur radio enthusiasts and even the common person to hear their music everywhere on their property. Radio enthusiasts with a desire of professional broadcasting can hit listeners from a mile a way to several miles away depending on their goal. And now this professional grade FM transmitter, through utilization of the adjustable power feature, allows farmers and large estates, churches and charitible organizations, and school organizations the ability to cover their entire application area without deadspots. Whether you want to cover just a couple city blocks, cover your entire campus, or cover several miles, the RangeStud is the solution for you. The beauty of the RangeStud is not only its reasonably compact design, but also its low net project cost, its ease of assembly, and its portability! Assembly is a bit more complex than DAGCO’s standard goal of being “so easy that even children can accomplish the task”. However within a couple minutes to a couple of hours of setup you could have your MP3 collection, your satellite music, your Christmas music, or your favorite Internet stream reaching everywhere in your house, everywhere on your large estate, and even to the cars on the road. Is the RangeStud a bit too much range or sophistication for you? Check out the RangeStar, RangeMaster, or DAGCO’s other Transmitters.The RangeStud comes stock with the RangeMax 1.0 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna, but for those wanting a more robust, weatherproof, mountable outdoor antenna to maximize the RangeStud’s range and clarity, DAGCO suggests either the RangeMax 1/2 Wave Professional Grade Antennas. The beauty of either of these antennas is the ability to be easily mounted at extreme heights, while being able to withstand all of mother nature’s elements. Check out DAGCO’s deep discounted 15 Watt Bundle Deals for out of the box max range solutions. The RangeStud has boasted modulation ranges of over 10 miles when coupled with the antenna upgrades. They say it is all in the name, and trust me, I am sure there is plenty of speculation for how a transmitter becomes a ‘STUD’…Although many will insinuate some sort of Freudian slip, innuendo, or just down right lack of professionalism. The Genius, has rigorously tested this transmitter and only a ‘STUD’ could withstand such tests and can only be compared to what one is called in athletics if they exploit their opponents to such a degree that their opponents would be better off to simply forfeit—STUD!!! The RangeStud uses PLL technology and with the correct properly tuned antenna it has broadcast nearly 10 miles in 100% crystal clear stereo! If you deem yourself a professional and feel you are a match for the power of the RangeStud, DAGCO Electronics would be thrilled love to see you unleash the power of the RangeStud!

Uses of the RangeStud 15 W Dual Mode FM Transmitter?
Open-air broadcasting/communication: Car Shows, Fairs, Carnivals, Firework Shows, Concerts,

Outdoor Events (Fishing, Marathons, Walkathons, Motorsports)

Portable broadcasting: Sporting Events, Weddings, Music DJs

Drive-by Broadcasting: Christmas Displays, Mobile Billboards, Home/Real Estate Sales,

Scenic/Historical Informative Tours

Permanent broadcasting: Churches (Hearing Disabled/Multi-Bilingual Communication, Remote

Listening Solutions), Homes (broadcast your music throughout your whole house/whole yard–

for real!), Businesses/Schools (communicate across long ranges, communicate/market to your

customers in the parking lot)

* Transmit range can be greatly affected by Antenna Tuning and Environmental Factors.


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