F-S Electronics 25 Watt Range Commander FM Transmitter- Adjustable 0.1W to 25W Fail-Safe CZH-T251

Item # CZH-T251


What's In The Box?
Recommended 25 Watt Bundle: :
  • 25 W RangeCommander FM Transmitter
  • 12V 7A Power Supply
  • RangeMax 2.0 1/2 Wave GP Antenna
  • 25′ ProGrade Broadcast Cable–7mmD

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The CZH-T251 25Watt FM transmitter is a professional FM transmitter. It is featured with one button control for all functions, including: RF output, VSWR protection, temperature protection, electronic volume adjustments. It is also equipped with low pass filters. This means that with one touch you are able to setup the transmitter and walk away without worries of the equiptment breaking due to temperature or RF feedback. It’s applicable in many places, such as stadiums, radio stations, motels, public squares, churches, theaters, and many more…

This kit comes with a transmitter, power supply, an easy to assemble di-pole antenna, and our professional grade broadcast cable. Everything you need to get broadcasting right out of the box. The RF output is easily adjustable between 0.1W and 25W. This means that the system is perfect for whatever size application you wish for it.

Technical Specification
-Size 215mm x 165mm x 54mm chassis
-RF power up to 25 watts
-Standing wave protection, and overtemperature protection.
-Output power from 0.1W ~ 25W continuously adjustable
-RF power lock feature
-Screen depicts exact output power and various working status.

Operating frequency: 87.5 ~ 108MHz
Output power: 0-25Watt (continuously adjustable)
Output Impedance: 50 ohm
Spurious and harmonic radiation:-60db
Frequency response: 50 ~ 15KHz (3db)
Distortion: 0.2%
Left and right channel separation: 45db
LINE IN connector: RCA two-channel Cinch (stereo)
The microphone interface: 6.5mm (1/4inch Jack)
Rated working voltage: DC 12~13.8V 5A/6A
Maximum power consumption: 60W

Other uses include:
Open-air broadcasting/communication: Car Shows, Fairs, Carnivals, Firework Shows, Concerts, Outdoor Events (Fishing, Marathons, Walkathons, Motorsports)

Portable broadcasting: Sporting Events, Weddings, Music DJs

Drive-by Broadcasting: Christmas and other Light Displays, Mobile Billboards, Home/Real Estate Sales, Scenic/Historical Informative Tours

Permanent broadcasting: Churches (Hearing Disabled/Multi-Bilingual Communication, Remote Listening Solutions),

Homes (broadcast your music throughout your whole house/whole yard–for real!)

Businesses/Schools (communicate across long ranges, communicate/market to your customers in the parking lot)

* Transmit range can be greatly affected by Antenna Tuning and Environmental Factors.

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