Broadcaster 7 D 50 Ohm N-Type x PL259 Male Cable

Item # PRO25NxPL, PRO50NxPL, PRO75NxPL, PRO100NxPL

Starting At $59.99


Pre-terminated 50 Ohm N-Type coax premium grade, top quality broadcast cable is ultra low-loss cable (55.4 db/100m at 2,500 MHz) allowing longer runs with no signal degradation. DAGCO’s 50 Ohm coaxial cables are for RF applications that demand minimum signal attenuation and maximum power handling over shorter runs. Most DAGCO customers upgrade from their stock rubber ducky antenna, and use this Premium Grade Broadcast Cable for locating their FM Transmitter Antenna Upgrade to a maximum height. Use this cable to make it a simple and cost-effective solution to maximize your broadcast range and signal loss. Lifetime Warranty.

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