Long-Range FM Transmitters

          Broadcast music, audio or voice wirelessly through the FM radio band to any FM receiver in its path. Bundled together with RangeMax Antennas, the DagCo Electronics family of FM transmitters are for novices, enthusiasts and professionals everywhere. Whether for whole house or business application, find the control you need with our RangeMaster, RangeStar and powerful RangeStud FM Transmitters.
          Our FM transmitters have assisted churches in broadcasting translations of multiple languages to its members and broadcasting to members of the congregation with hearing disabilities. The RangeStar FM Transmitter has also been employed by the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in several cities to broadcast both live and DJ music, announcements, and fun to its walker's hand-held FM radio devices such as iPods, FM headsets, and MP3 players.
Bundle Deal
These bundled deals with provide all you need to get started. Amateur, Professional and Premium Grades.
Newest Product
A new revolution in home transmitters: Fully Adjustable 1 Watt of Power, Three audio sources including Bluetooth, Built in MP3 Player, and Rechargeable Battery for portability.

Christmas Light Displays

Great for use with Christmas light displays. Can be used in conjunction with any light display controllers. Does not matter if you have a Light-O-Rama, Falcon, or WowLights setup. Audio can be run from any source whether it be a PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, Mp3 player, or even bluetooth from your phone. Antenna options can be mounted to the unit, such as the Rubber Ducky Antenna, or move into a ground plane FM broadcast antenna for MAX range.


Applications for DAGCO transmitters include: sporting events, drive-ins, weddings, music DJs, car shows, fairs, carnivals, fireworks shows, concerts and outdoor events such as walkathons and motor sports. Other applications include: for the home, churches, businesses, schools or anywhere you might need audio support for hearing disabled or translating for multi-lingual communications.

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Wirelessly broadcast music, audio, or voice throughout the entire FM radio band to any FM receivers in its path with quality and durability.
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Now with High and Low Power Broadcast Modes. For wireless music, audio, or voice throughout your property to any FM Radio in its path!